Yes!!!! The bold heading suggests it well..

This started with the curiousity prodding me to download the app, it remained untouched n unexplored even when I had these few followers, the dear contacts from my phone.

 I was apprehensive … to tread on this SNAPPY territory. Why oh why should I share my pics…. why take a peek into others private lives… and approve it and comment on it???? 
But the insta BUG bit me hard… got lured,  into entering this indulgin instagrammy world….
😍😍 thnx to the one lovely shutterbug, the most inevitable happened…. my first insta upload (which was not clicked by me 😬) n the oodles of excitement which it brought… the likes… the followers (the lovely loyal ones !!) n the comments (have collected few lovely ones over this stretch of time which keeps me inspired and motivated). 
HOLD IT!!! But it had the anxiety tagged together (I have of varieties of anxieties in my closet 😀😀) I needed the audience to like my clicks!! N moreover the daily supplies of clicks to prove ur existence on insta (I think m hitting a hibernating phase now 😓)

The insta is surely addictive… starting ur day with checking the uploads from the followers… liking them n proving ur loyalties towards them 😬😬… then whenever u are doing nothing then it’s insta time!!
Always the roving eyes wantin to capture that perfect insta pic (best exercise for the eyes) that the non Insta community throws sacks full of criticism “Hey!! Watch out!! You may end up losing your eye glued to the cam!!! 😵😡

This indulgence has clearly opened my otherwise dormant visual perception… I will proudly announce that I have that roving clicker eye (Almost clicker) 😊

 Till I get that perfect pic for my next upload why don’t you kill time reading my rambling blabbering blogs!!!! 

@d!€ü 😘

Why don’t u check my Insta account – random_clikz N start following me 😬 incase u aren’t N … Hit as many ♥️s as u can…. 😋 Go on!! 


TRAVEL ANXIETIES 😣…. Yup you heard it right!
Am  I like among the few selected ones who get those??? 🤔
The moment you get your tickets booked , the seeds of anxiety are planted in … N within no time u can feel them sprout out and creep through your mind with their tendrils of doubt and uncertainty….
“Did I get my tickets booked  for the right date.. ?” This gnawing question will make me check my mail zillion times. 📧
And as the ‘D’  day nears by … the unending life threatening decisions of what to pack and what to leave behind…   as habited I carry a lot of clutter – extra clothes ( just in case I lose them… or fail to do the ritualistic laundry) the books 📚 ( as I love to show off that I am an avid reader and the irony I always end up reading the eBooks and the paperbacks are sulking throughout), so when the final day comes I end up talking to myself … arguing rather of what is worthy to be packed in and what needs to be left out.
Then the last bit… checking the packing list upteenth time in my mind… so wish this could help me lose some cals at the rate my mind sets to work… toothbrush check… shampoo check… face wash check… and the unending list multiplied by the times it takes me to be sure that I haven’t left anything behind.
And the final torment… the nail biting finale of boarding the right bus… the check ins… the right terminal… not tripping… not dropping my luggage.
But all this torture gets it rewards… when the journey starts. The breath-taking sight from the window… the wanderlust within me beams with joy.😄 Within no time I am lost in time enjoying every bit of solitude and the beauty and serenity around me. But hey this reverie soon ends… and I find myself trapped again . Trapped in the  anxiety of alighting and checking out and the hustle bustle which awaits to engulf me…… 😲